About Us

The Welch Group is a full service government relations and public affairs firm specializing in providing a complete package of issue and project management for organizations in Wisconsin. Our clients rely on us for effective representation on their behalf whether they are dealing with local or state governments, national or international interests, the media, or the general public.

The Welch Group reached the status of a top 25 lobby firm for Wisconsin in 2005, its first year in operation. Among individual lobbyists, Robert Welch ranks in the top ten. Since then the firm has continued to grow, adding web design, media buying, and international business development to its list of client services.

Drawing on our extensive experience in Wisconsin public affairs, we provide a customized hands-on approach to any project.

The Welch Group principals are Bob and Jeanne Welch.


Bob Welch

Bob Welch

A graduate of MATC and Ripon College, Bob is a land-surveyor by profession, and served in the State legislature for twenty years. Bob was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1984, quickly rising to leadership positions. After ten years of service, Bob was elected to the State Senate in 1995, serving until 2004. The eventual sale of the surveying business allowed Bob and Jeanne to expand and diversify the services of The Welch Group. An active member of national political organizations, Bob has expertise in both national and international policy and business.

Jeanne Welch

An alumnus of UW-Madison, Jeanne was business manager and logistical coordinator of the surveying business for 14 years. She has over twenty years experience as an organizational coordinator with an emphasis on performance, fundraising, and public relations. Jeanne also has extensive experience in writing, coordinating and administering grants.

Matthew “Jonas” Hackett

Senior Associate
Jonas is a graduate of Lawrence University and a native of central Wisconsin. He has extensive work experience in the areas of management and logistics, as well as working with non-profits. Jonas serves as Senior Associate with the Welch Group concentrating on Legislation, Communications, Media and IT.

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