Wisconsin Expands Biofuel Fueling Stations

Wisconsin Ag Connection

The Public Service Commission announced that Wisconsin is the recipient of a $3.7 million grant from the USDA to significantly expand and support the installation of ethanol blending equipment at retail gas stations throughout the state.

The move is part of a collaborative effort between the PSC, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board, Wisconsin BioFuels Association, American-Lung Association of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Clean Cities, Jetz Convenience Stores, Kwik Trip, Inc. and Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association.

Partners hope to install a minimum of 100 new ethanol blending sites on or near the major fleets and travel corridors throughout the state. They also want to launch a comprehensive marketing and outreach program in conjunction with the deployment of stations under this project.

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